What is live event painting?

Live event painting offers you and your guests a unique entertainment experience as well as a timeless gift to remember your special day. Prior to the event, artist Annie Myers will discuss with you what the subject of the painting will be: anything from a couple's first dance to blowing out birthday candles! On the day of the celebration you will get to see the beauty of the special event captured on canvas. Finishing touches may be added in the studio where it will then be shipped, delivered, or picked up to display in your home. You can even send your guests custom stationary with the painting printed on the card!

Your Canvas Keepsake

It is a joy and an honor to commemorate special days through painting. There is something uniquely personal about a painting that is carefully crafted to capture a moment in time. As I paint, I take in the essence of the event, the emotion of room, and the personalities of the people involved. 

I highly value the services and talents of photographers and videographers on special days. (I deeply cherish my wedding photos and videos!) But unlike a photographer or videographer who tries to blend into the background, I welcome guests to view my work and interact with the process. And while photographers and videographers take dozens of images throughout an event, I create a single image that summarizes the event's overall beauty, spirit, and individuality. Generations will be able to enjoy and remember life's most precious moments through this canvas keepsake!